Renato Tavares & Kyra Gracie Seminars at TFC

Renato Tavares Seminar - December 11, 2010 @ 11am to 1:00pm gi.

* Register before December 3rd for $40.

* Private lessons and testing is available. Pre-register before seminar.

* Register after December 3rd is $65.

Note: All green belts to brown belts should attend.

Assistant Black Belt Instructor Andre Vicente will be in attendance and available for private lessons.

Kyra Gracie Seminar- February 26, 2011 @ 11am - 2:30pm. 30 min lunch break. All gi.

* Register before January for $80

* Register in January for $90

* Register in February for $100

* Private lessons are available.

 I would go but we host the Mid America National tourney that Saturday... or the MAN tournament. I will be back in the gym after Thanksgiving, we have 3 tournaments next week Tuesday(JAY), Wednesday(EDMOND), Friday and Saturday(NORMAN).

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Will wait for the no-clothes seminar

kyra gracie. i will be there! ill impress her with stories of my 33second tko(ill just leave out that it was me getting my face beat in)

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Sign up for Renato Tavares seminar by Friday for only $40 Phone Post

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 Especially if they're family, IMO.

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The Razor

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Currently I have 65 people signed up and paid for the Renato Seminar this Saturday at 11am to 1pm. Only taking 5 more participant. If you are interested call 918-25-CHOKE. Thanks and I will see you on the mat.

 I called once.

Mepaqehe -  I called once.

Yes you did ;-)

SOLD OUT Phone Post

71 participants will be in attendance. Phone Post