Rene Girard & Gill Baille

anyone read their works? I am reading Violence Unveiled by Baille, which, among many things, claims that the VICTIM was revealed for the first time in history through Christ. before this, we could hide the victim and do violence in the name of the greater good.

the crucifixion shows the victim in the role of victim, thus revealing the evil that's taken place. satan is revealed. take the iraqi war. everyone knows that in order to accomplish our mission, innocent lives will be lost. so we justify this evil by showing that there is MORE evil done on the other side. we hide the caskets. we hide the victims. Jesus revealed the victim.

another theory is that our western view of world history - having the beginning and end it's leading towards - comes from the apocalypse.

These are just theories I'm reading about, but they are interesting. Gill Baille seems to have gotten his knowledge from Rene Girard, who I have yet to read.

Have you read any Jaques Ellul?

His politics have influenced me a lot.

Btw, I really have enjoyed reading your posts on the OG

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I don't know of him but I will look him up. I am interested in Christian intellectuals - those who gather evidence from outside the bible, and not just run circular arguments.

he is an intelectual, who I think is more a prophet to the church

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I really like Girard.  I listened to a 4 part radio broadcast on CBC in Canada.  Very wise and observant.

Anyone read Girard's "I See Satan Fall Like Lightening"? I have heard it is very good-- and also more for the common man than his earlier stuff.

I'd be interested in opinions.

I'm working my way through Chesterton's "The Everlasting Man" right now.

my friend and mentor who is a priest, told me about Girard and says he is sending me that book in the mail as late Christmas gift. he's sending it because he gave me 'violence unveiled' 10 years ago and I never started reading it until now.

I can't wait to get this book

I can't wait to get the subversion of Christianity by Jaques Ellul

then maybe I'll check out these fellas

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