Rent Vs. Buy

Ok, what are the determining factors?

Marital status/family i assume are a big one. Location?

Does this change if the buyer looks at a family to have rented out (ie. investment property) while renting a smaller, more convenient place themself, or just buy the smaller place & invest the rest elsewhere?

I should also add im in a bit of debt - school/student debt, had 2 cars stolen, credit card & setup my business - roll that into a mortgage (using the inflation to pay off the debt) over 30 years or use the $ not spent on a mortgage to pay off the debts over 7 years?

My latest thought is buy a warehouse with a managers residence & rent the space out for storage.

ill have my own gym in there too.

I think the traditional advice is to always pay off credit card type debt first?

From a non-investment POV, staying in the same place for at least 3 years is important. Location-wise, if renting is similar in cost to owning, then owning makes a lot of sense.