REnzo 2-6 since 2000

Everyone is knocking Renzo since he is 2-6 since 2000 but he could easily be 4-4. The Newton fight was a split decision(could of gone either way) and most people think Renzo beat Oyama.

And he's made millions (I'm guessing) promoting and teaching the sport he loves...

I think thats just as admirable as being undefeated.

hes cool, he fights with normal rules

TycoonMan- You do realize that he has a huge school in nyc right? That's what I was referring to, not his fight purses.

Renzo never lost a fight in the 90s. And he wasn't fighting just chumps. Then he took a fight a year, not as active as he was in the 90s. Newton fight was pretty much a draw. Then it was what 2 years until he came back and fought Penn. Not as young as he once was, a very long lay-off, and against a top-ranked fighter. Then he catches Miletich in 3 minutes. I think he deserves respect.