Renzo and Igor Gracie arrested in NYC brawl

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Jack Skellington - In
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That's all anybody ever does in the Meatpacking district.....and 1-Oak sucks.

in fo secuirty footage *crosses fingers*

Uh, oh. Phone Post 3.0

Along with 5 others they beat a bouncer to a pulp and fractured his arm..allegedly Phone Post 3.0

aftermath video here:

Oh shit Phone Post 3.0

Could anybody be more annoying than that guy in the video repeating 'Renzo Gracie legend' over and over? Oh yea, anybody who stands in line for 1-Oak.

Was Renzo too busy to live tweet this shit? Dude must be slippin.

Probably not the best place for a 47 year old married man to be at. Renzo is way too old to be getting into fights and hanging out at night clubs.



Will we see a "do you know who I am ?" rant once/if a video shows up, after possible denied access?

Gracie gonna Gracie

When will people learn.. never ask him for a cigarette.

rhino x2 - Yep Lebrun James is a POS. Nothing new here, hypocrisy at its finest. He is a SJW in his home country America. Wearing "I can't breathe t shirts". Or sporting a hoodie for the late great Trayvon Martin. All while getting paid & becoming a billionaire in this racist society

Yet a real crisis on a major level. Is going on in Hong Kong . nothing to see here folks.
He is either dumb as fuck. Or a real racist / America hater... or both

Good post.  That's the thing about this SJW wave that has spanned the west, it's bullying as they pick on the easiest issues in the easiest places to do it.  The low-hanging fruit of societal issues.  When shit gets real, and true sacrifices need to be made to stand up, all of a sudden they are willing to be more understanding of the other side.

Dang... :( Phone Post 3.0

The fracas spilled into the street, with more punches being thrown. Eventually the police arrived and arrested everyone in Gracie's party, while an ambulance came for the bouncer who had been mounted by Gracie, according to the witness. It was unclear as to why Gracie and his group were originally upset.

Because they wouldn't let 7 guys in...guaranteed. That is exactly why. 1-Oak is notorious for the door policy shit.