Renzo Comments on Almeida

There's an article at Abu Dhabi's news page ( that tells of Renzo's discussion about the upcoming Bushido fights. Commenting on Ricardo Almeida's condition, Renzo says, "Ricardo is very confident and well trained. To tell you the truth, I don't remember seeing, in my entire life, another fighter in the same physical condition Ricardo is in now." I was already psyched for this fight, and this has made it even worse!! Almeida's evolution as a fighter is inspiring.

you guys are in for a treat!


Almeida impressed the hell out of me in his fight with Shoji.
This is because Shoji has made good fighters look a little rough, but Ricardo executed his game plan PERFECTLY and just systematically wore Akira down.

The man is skilled!

best of luck to big dog, ryan, and ralph!

This fight is going to be one of the best on the card, if not the best!
Havng a card with Ricardo, Ryan and Ralph is amazing!


Renzo Gracie Association

Good luck Ricardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

somebody asked me and i didn't know, but i often hear EVERYONE call Ricardo sounding like "R"icardo.. .no H sound. I thought it was Hicardo spelled w/ an R. am i correct? such dilemmas plague me and keep me awake at night. i have even heard renzo gracie guys call him 'R'icardo not 'H'icardo. which is it?


Big Dawg !!!!!! Can't wait till Sunday

this obviously fuels his rage in the ring. he must look back at his youth and how he was so blatantly snatched from his life as Ricardo and was then forced to be Hicardo.

i hope he can find some closure.

I read an interview with Ricardo and how he runs his class as a teacher.... and that inside talk from him was really interesting. He talked about how difficult it was promoting students (belt wise), when you have one 40 year old man, who allways comes to class in time, gets beat up in class, but allways listens, and has a strong confident attitude...and then you have a 20 year old kid who waltzes into class late all the time, destroys alot of the class (because the kid is good) but he doesnt have the maturity to promote yet... He also talked about how students try to get the teachers attention during rolling by being tough, or pulling off submissions n such..

You dont hear that too much from teachers.... for some reason they pretend not to notice, or not talk about these inside things of a bjj studio.

lol...of course he is going to say that he is prepared. etc. That is what trainers do.

Remember when barnone was saying how wes was doing with his training, etc. we know how that turned out.

With that said, I think Almedia is well on his way to be a force.

"somebody asked me and i didn't know, but i often hear EVERYONE call Ricardo sounding like "R"icardo.. .no H sound. I thought it was Hicardo spelled w/ an R. am i correct?"

It's because of this confusion that Ricardo also goes by his much simpler and easily pronouncable nickname, "Cacharrao". Just call him that.

I spoke to Ricardo the other day. He sounded very relaxed and was looking forward to fighting in Pride. He is a beast. You guys will see very soon.

I think I would rather watch Ricardo than any of the other disrespect to them. He is just a more well-rounded fighter.

I second that he is very relaxed, and he is a beast.

Just call him "Big Dog"

of course renzo is going to talk almeida up. I would expect nothing less.

Renzo's fight and quick finish of Maurice Smith is one of my favorites.

He looked so technical. That's what I call inspiring.