Renzo Gracie DVD/Craig Kukuk dvd

Anyone know if the Kukok 13 dvd set is anything like the one he did with Renzo? I already own the Renzo one and am considering the other. I dont want to get it if it is all the same or very similar material.

Also, I noticed that almost all of the passes of the guard on the Renzo/Kukuk set involve putting one arm between the legs. It seems like that would really expose you to the triangle. Yes they do set up the pass, but it seems very risky to me. Any thoughts???

The Kukuk 13 DVD set is great !! Much more info. covered than the Renzo/Kukuk set. Get it !!!

Kukuk adds more detail to each move. He really fleshes out what was shown on the Renzo set.

The Kukuk set is one of my favorites of all time, and I own a LOT of instructionals. We will talk about it at class, or if I don't see you before then, we can chat about it on Saturday! :)

thanks all, appreciate the info. What do you think about what I said about the opening for the triangle?

BZLJJ: See you at ringside!!! Cant wait to hear, "I'm the King bitch...SLAP!!!"

So the Kukuk series is better than Renzo/Kukuk?
Just wondering... I've been thinking about the Pedro Carvalho's but then saw the Kukuk 13 DVDs...
Any advice?


pedro blows the kukuk away, noteven close.

Mario Sperry


Cesar Gracie

all great stuff, great format. I want the Marcello ones next!

And BTW if someone knows about a good instructional for takedowns (bjj,wrestling etc...) and from the clinch position let me know. I need to improve on my standup grappling.


"What do you think about what I said about the opening for the triangle?"

That is old school, IMO.

I saw Royce do it at a seminar many, many, many years ago. When he demonstrated it, it was with the gi, and he even told the guy to triangle him, but the guy couldn't.

Remind me to show you a few of my favorites when my knee heals! :)

Thanks BZLJJ.

Kukuk set is very good. Well filmed, technique selection etc. Just ignore the dodgy guard passes. I have to say that old school guard pass is suspect unless you are brazilian and have been doing BJJ since the year dot. I had Royce demonstrate that guard pass on me at a seminar and i have to say it gets you in a lot of trouble unless you are someone like royce. It requires a lot of posturing out of trouble to make it work. Give me combat base pass any day or better still pass on the feet.

For Takedowns try Darryl Gholars DVD from on the mat much better than the other one he did (i have both). Also there are 2 takedown dvds with the kukuk set one with the gi and one without (greco/freesytle)

I have never seen Kukuk A-Z but it gets low marks on Bill Lewis' website.

"I have never seen Kukuk A-Z but it gets low marks on Bill Lewis' website."

I am a fan of Bill Lewis' review's, but I will have to respectfully disagree with Bill on this one.

This video deserves a lot more praise than what it gets! It is probably my favorite set, and I own MANY instructionals!


What elements of Pedro's tapes "blow" Kukuk's away? Do you think Pedro is a better teacher or shows better techniques or both? Just wondering.

Pedros videos are formatted in a more realistic way with better moves (better meaning tighter technique).

Almost like Sperry, Pedro takes you through the strategy and sequencial spets you will face in amatch AGAINST A REAL OPPONENT.

I bought the set after reading Bill Lewis reviews amd i think only the sperry sets are better.

PS- I have the pedro in VHS and would sell cheap.

Thanks for the advices. :)