Renzo Gracie=Huge Respect!!

What PRIDE Decade and you will understand!! Great PPV and Renzo is a class act.


"Is this the same Renzo that stepped on some guys head after he'd already choked him out?"

How many years are people going to parrot that for? It was like a decade ago and you are telling half a story.

I think in the heat of the battle stupid shit can happen. I've done things on the rugby pitch that I'm not proud of but in the heat of battle shit happens.

Watch the PPV and you see why the guy is should be respected.

"I agree, but then why is everyone so hard on Frank for what happened in that fight?"

People are hard on Frank because after the fight he made a lot of stupid comments about Renzo and about his illegal moves.

Because Frank stated that he knew they were illegal and did it anyway.

Also he made up some crap about having Renzo right where he wanted him and being about to knock him out. Seeing as Frank was lying on his back looking like a total fool... he caught shit.

Renzo Gracie is The Man.

Nobody . . . and I mean NOBODY who has spent any real time around Renzo will talk shit about him. The only people that do are people that get pissed because his supporters are so vocal on this Forum, and of course the guys who just hate the Gracies. That's the bottom line.

Sheep looking for a shepard.

Renzo = wisest man in mma

Actually, Frank has submitted Dan Henderson and Kevin Jackson (two just off the top of my head) from his back, and showed what I thought was a pretty f*ckin' good guard against Tito. Renzo walked through that same guard like it was the entrance to Grand Central Station. But enough about that . . . respect to the legend, Renzo Gracie.

I didnt watch Pride Decade but I STRONGLY AGREE with this thread!!