Renzo Gracie interview (VIDEO)

Here comes an interview of Renzo Gracie, recorded yesterday during a seminar in Paris (June 3 2007) :

And then a small video of Renzo answering student's questions about techniques :

Props to Geronimo from

ttt for the nice interview.
It was recorded yesterday guys !

How can anybody not like him?!?!?!?





Thanks for the ttt guys ;-)

Renzo is really a nice guy. Awesome.

Like you said Leonardo :
"How can anybody not like him?!?!?!?"

Renzo seems like the Gracie I would most like to train under or at least do a seminar with.

Well spoken, friendly and above all an almost endless source of BJJ knowledge. And the only Gracie without a padded or questionable record. Win lose or draw he always looks great and doesn't give bullshit excuses.

TTT for Henzo!


thanks very much for posting


Rickson has water bottle throw techniques over Renzo. He can also say "It is all up to the promoters" faster than any man alive.

Renzo is a genuinely good guy. I've met him a few times, and he's always gonna take some time to have a little talk, sign an autograph, or take a picture.

Good for the sport.


He's great. Always have a good time with him.


ttt again

Interview :

Renzo showing some techniques :