Renzo Gracie Invitational -

I just want to make note that the event today was first class. The brackets ran smoothly, no wait time, awesome atmosphere. Where else can you get more talent in the room than:
Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Igor Gracie, Rolles Gracie, Gregor Gracie, Matt Serra, Jon Danaher, Flavio Almeida, Jamie Cruz, Dante Rivera, Billy Scott, Chad Beatty, Joe Scarola, Carl Massero, Alan Teo etc.... The list goes on!!!


Mike Constantino AMA/Renzo Gracie



If only my friend in the white GI wasnt robbed by a retarted ref

That ref's actually a great/brilliant guy and an excellent JJ instructor himself. Not going to post his name because I don't want to see him get spammed/abused.

I think it was his first time reffing and he must have just screwed up. Super bad call but shit happens.

I know hes goes to the same school as my friend does and hes a brown belt but the funny thing is he never saw the tap he actually went up to my friend afterwards and admitted he never saw the tap and apologized. He just jumped when he heard someone say he tapped he tapped. Shit does happen , but if you the ref and a brown belt never saw the tap yourself and took the mumblings of someone in the crowd to end a match how does any of that make sense? Oh well life goes on.

I saw that match. Here is a screen shot from that video, it wouldn't be unusual for a guy to tap to this. Well, like you said, life does goes on. Over all I thought the whole day was great, and I will definitely go next year. Next year I will be old enough for the 'executive' division. God I am getting old.

on behalf of the State Athletic Control Board, the Invitatational was a great event for New Jersey and those who participate in the sport.
it was very well run.
congratulations to renzo and all the organizers.

Based on the fact that it was essentially two spastic white belts (not a dis, just arguing perspective), I'm sure that the ref felt like he needed to intervene to keep someone from getting hurt. He may have just jumped a little early.

Congrats to Bruno Tostes for his performance
- the silver medal in his Purple/Brown/Black weight class, and the gold medal in the Purple/Brown/Black Absolute Division!

Bruno still at purple belt?

I hope he does this again and announces it way ahead of time so those of us in GA can plan appropriately and get up there to compete.

The event was excellent. Even Rob Constance on the mic wasn't too bad. Renzo gave well deserved recognition awards to Matt Serra, John Danaher, and Ricardo Almaida. Big Congrats to the Staten Island Team Renzo for a great job and for bringing home some hardware.

Great event and HUGE turnout being that it was only Renzo Gracie academies and only GI.

How many participants?

I would say around 300 competitors.

As far as who ever was critisizing the referee.....this is was an intramural competition and airing info like that on the net is NOT cool.

Agree with that Ron, we're all on the same team.

I agree 100% that the "brown belt ref" stopped the match for safety reasons, if you know him personally you would understand. Shit happens...Keep Training

p.s. CONGRATS to the Staten Island Team Renzo Gracie for bringing home some medals. You guys have been training really hard and deserve it.



Looks like from the video, you could have very well tapped.

The video camera angle could not pick up your other hand (the tapping hand).

Given what I know of the ref, and seeing that he was a few feet away, looking intently, I would say you tapped.