Renzo Gracie @ OAMA today!

Today we had the pleasure of our head instructor Renzo Gracie giving us an awesome seminar. Anyone who has trained with Renzo knows what an honour it is to have some of his jiu-jitsu knowledge given to you. Today, he reinforced his beliefs in the basics of jiu-jitsu and the proper application of them.

Renzo said he was very impressed with our school and the way Pat has been running it. He liked our new expansion and he expects good things to come from our school. He was also kind enough to give some promotions to some well deserving students. Promoted to blue belt were Pat Major, Geoff Mizen, Emile Van der Velden and Brian Devine. Promoted to purple were Nick Grenier and Matt Haché. And last but not least, joining the ranks of brown belt is OAMA's head instructor, Pat Cooligan. All of these guys have worked their asses of for a long time, I'm really happy for them.

And thanks to the guys from Sudbury BJJ, OAMA's first affiliate. We look forward to seeing more of you guys making the trip with Steve Joncas to train with us.

Here's some pics:




Pat Major




Sudbury BJJ (Steve Joncas)

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What an awesome seminar and day. Congrats to Paton his brown belt and for all his hard work. I dont know anyone as dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as him.

Congrats to Nick and Hammer on their purples. Also congrats to all of our New blues.

Did Renzo drink you guys under the table after the seminar? I've never seen anyone drink that much tequila...ever.

that'll be coming up in about 1/2 an hour =^)


He did it again! All the OAMA students got to hang out with Renzo Gracie and did the seminar @ OAMA! IT was awesome...the 3 hours went by so fast! He IS the man!

Congrats to all new blues at OAMA; Brian, Geoff, Emiel and Pat. Props to HAMMER and Nick for the new purples!

And BIG UPS YOURSELF, to my instructor, Pat Cooligan for his brown belt. respect.

OAMA/Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa #1

Mark "Bo0ts" Holst

Congrats Pat and the rest of the OAMA members!! See you guys soon!

Big Congrats to Pat and his crew!! GB East Coast is blowing up. I gotta get over there to train with you soon.

Tim Shears


Awesome seminar, fantastic weekend. Congrats on all the promotions. Nice to have some of the guys from down for a visit.

See you on the mats.


I attended a Renzo Seminar back in the day! It was very good

Im sure they are even better

Will the next one be open to the public?

Congrats to all who got their new belts. Awesome seminar.

Ray can you email me my pics with Renzo in front of the logo @



Will the next one be open to the public?

Probably not. You see the size of the group shot? All spots were accounted for in 5 days of it being announced. We had to turn away our own students to keep it manageable. Pat does this for his students and not to try to turn a profit on seminars.

big props to all my boys who traind like mad men to get these promotions and pat with the big brown.

Thanks Ray,

TTT for all the promotions.


I would like to congratulate the four guys on obtaining the rank of Blue Belt all of these guys have been with me two years or more and have put in a lot of time and effort and I was glad that it paid off for them.

Not many people at the academy know but Nick Grenier has been training with me for a long time long before OAMA and even before my house where I started teaching BJJ he was a student of mine when I taught traditional Jiu Jitsu going back seven or eight years now. He stuck by me through some tough times and I am always grateful for that. now it seems Nick will be leaving us for work reasons and if he does he will be missed !! Nick spent over three years at Blue Belt and was very deserving of this promotion.

As for Hammer there is not much to say medaling at the Pan-Ams two time Arnold Gracie champ along with 7-8 other tournament wins at Blue Belt this was an overdue promotion and I believe he will be on the podium in the purple belt division sooner than later considering he has tapped multiple purple belts in competition already

On the subject of my promotion I just want to thank my students without them it would not be possible. Special thanks to Nick C, Hammer, Ray, Boots, Peter these are the guys that push me on the mat and will train with me day in and day out. To John Danaher my main teacher who is always there for me and to help me with any BJJ problem you're the best !!!

And last but not least to the main man Renzo for always believing in me and being a great mentor and for allowing me to represent his team this is the most important thing to me. He has taught me so much more than Jiu Jitsu. I hope you enjoy the toothbrushes and see you in Brazil!! lol