Renzo Gracie to Fight Again in 2013!


In part two of this interview, Renzo Gracie announces he is going to be fighting again later this year. He also talks a lot about his relationship and the megafight between him and UFC legend, Pat Miletich. The link to my site is below. There is a link to part one on the article as well. 


Is Renzo still contracted with the UFC? Phone Post 3.0

Rematch with Frank Shamrock IMO

CLINTK9 - Renzo vs Gomi or BJ again would be good.
BJ? Respectfully, that would be much worse than Matt Hughes. Phone Post 3.0

Big fan of Renzo but pray he retires.

pure fantasy but i'd like royce vs renzo most now

Reno/Hughes fight is one of my most disappointing MMA experiences ever.

Do not want more. Phone Post 3.0

*Renzo/ autocorrect. Phone Post 3.0

marqaurt rematch! IVC rules. we want MOAR!

Unwariestpickle - Would rather see him stay retired, and i say that with respect.

He never retired. Phone Post

Hopefully against some ranked below the top 75 so we see a competitive fight



marquart rematch would eclipse tecate sales at canelo vs. mayweather

renzo vs newton 3

Hopefully someone comparably aged.
Or better yet, two guys off the street! Phone Post 3.0

Love this pic! (from part one)

Good stuff. He makes some interesting points about his issues with the UFC glove too.

"I saw the new glove; it’s bigger, thicker. Soon they’re going to be wearing boxing gloves! The gloves should be smaller and thinner, in reality. You see that guy [Yancy Medeiros at UFC 159] broke his thumb when he fell on the ground? Why is that happening? The guys who are taping the hand before they go into the glove… You have to understand, when I [fought] I didn’t want no wrapping; never, I don’t need one! Just the glove, I will be fine. But I had to wear the wrapping. So here we are, they wrapped my hands so much (because they go in there like it’s a boxing match) and the fingers curve forward. If [Medeiros] had fell with his hand on the ground and the thumb wasn’t so wrapped, he wouldn’t break his thumb. The thumb would give, would slide a little. But the thumb was so tight that it came out of place.

So that’s the situation; when someone moves, your first instinct is to push the guy away. You open your hand to spar; anybody would do that. But now, your fingers are pointing forward thanks to the wrapping. You’re going to stick your finger in the guy’s eye! That’s why so many eye gauges have been happening. You lose the ability to open your fingers and spread your hands; when you can’t do that, your fingers become little arrows. The problem is the wrap, not the glove."

I don't know how excited I am to hear of him fighting again, but I'll always be a huge fan.  That story about him meeting the guy and helping him turn his life around from suicidal was pretty remarkable. Also enjoyed how he gave props to the new MMA fan, even the kind that drives us nuts :)

Thanks for posting the interview.

Mmmmm HITS!!!

Thank you to the person who gave such a fantastic compliment about my work and to all of you who took the time to comment above. I did put many hours into this and enjoyed every minute. I don't know if it really is the GOAT Renzo interview but it sure made me feel great today - you can follow me on twitter @stephaniejoplin - If the person who quoted my article reads this please reach out to me so I can thank you personally!  (Even though my name was misspelled lol)