Renzo HL Vids still looking for ho

Hey guys, I have created a couple of HL vids.
The Vids are a two part series with Renzo Gracie titled "bullet the blue sky" The first vid is approx 4 minutes and 41 seconds at 18MB.
And the second is 4 minutes 50 seconds at 19 MB.
The files are WMV files.

The vids themselves include footage from Renzo's "fight day," documentary and include his debut and latest MMA matches. Renzo with a gun, Sword and other outlandish footage. A must see!
Can anyone help me with some advice?

If anyone wants to DL the vids you can contact me through Aim @ headofblacula
The zipped file is 37.9 MB and include both the first and final Vids Or you can also E-mail me, and I'll send them to you through
PM me here or E-mail...

Thanx guys.

they will host it.

yeah. I am going to try it now.