So last night Renzo came out to Staten Island to teach a class at his student Mike Codella's Academy. When he 1st walked in, most of the guys myself include were awe struck at the sight of the BJJ and MMA legend. But after Mike introduced him, he spent about 45 minutes greeting all the guys with hugs and handshakes. After that, the class gathered in a circle and Renzo asked what the guys would like to go over (no gi). When no one answered, Mike asked Renzo to teach his (Renzo's) guillitine. Renzo laughed and said "Ah you guys want to know all my secrets." He then proceeded to show the technique with incredible detail. After that move he showed a sick armbar from when the guy turtles up, and then another choke (1 of the guys videotaped the moves and hopefuly it'll be on youtube or I'll post it here.
After the moves, Renzo and Mike promoted several of Mike's students to purple, and 1 to brown belt. He then hung around another hour just taking pics and signing autographs.
Finally, he took a seat with his two longtime and Black Belt students, Mike Codella, and Gerry Fajardo. As they sat on the mats telling stories, our Professor invited all the remaining guys to come over and sit with him, Renzo, and Professor Fajardo. Renzo told funny stories about his family, his old Academies, and some of his other Black Belts like his cousin Roger, Matt Serra, Shawn Williams, and John Denahar, who all 3 have known and trained with for many years. Renzo also gave us some insight into his fighting future, the UFC, other organizations, and and bunch of other BJJ and MMA related news.The night was great, and NOW I understand when everyone says that Renzo is the man!!