Renzo on Sakuraba Metamoris Match

Double wristlock, imo.

"People still asks if that broken arm causes me grief, anger or regret until now. Look, the reality is: that poor outcome has brought me great pride, and no grief. After all, I lost to another Jiu-Jitsu fighter: with that victory Sakuraba had proof that our family took Jiu-Jitsu back to Japan. Like grateful children that we are, we took the gentle art back to its crib so it doesn’t get lost."

Wonder what Sak's take on this is.

i think the point is that both judo and catch wrestling had to learn to deal with things that bjj players brought to the table, with complex guards and bottom games, much in the same way that bjj guys had to learn and borrow from wrestling (ala rolls gracie). all of these approaches to grappling have been cross-pollinated by the other at some point.


Sak' got nothing left. Renzo will submit him this time.

TrevorRice - Sak' got nothing left. Renzo will submit him this time.

Let's just hope the match is entertaining.

Sakuraba made a habit of suprising people for a good while there. He was the underdog back when he fought Conan, and he surprised people. It looked like Renzo would go the distance with him in Pride 10, but then he pulled out that old kimura. At this point, he's been beaten many times, and it may well seem that he's "got nothing left." But is that really how it's going to go? Or is it time for one more surprise?

Sak is done as an MMA fighter but this match he won't take any punches so I hope he is at least able to show off some skills. Even if he hit an ankle pick, stood over Renzo's open guard and tried a cartwheel pass, that would be cool to see. I know it's a real match and competition but I respect both of these guys so much already that watching them roll @ Metamoris is going to feel nostalgic and like an exhibition to me. I'm glad it's happening.

BTW, look @ Renzo. All those UFC guys he is involved with currently. The World BJJ Expo... He's doing an ADCC super fight against Hughes next time around, this Metamoris and he's still begging for another UFC fight. Renzo is the fucking man.

Fabio Gurgel, Alliance world champion: “I always believe in Renzo’s Jiu-Jitsu, but the result of a fight like this is very difficult to predict. For me this is the best match ever on Metamoris. And, it is this element of unpredictability that makes this fight so good.”