Renzo Vs Miletich

I wanted to see this fight along time ago and still do. Both are great trainers. Pat had a better MMA career, Renzo had a better Grappling carrer(and I think he would of beat Newton if he didn't gas out). Who do you think wins this fight these days?

This is how I see there strength's over eachother

Renzo- Grappling

Miletich- Wrestling

I'm 98% sure Renzo could sub Pat, but at the same time Pat could work on keeping the fight standing and pepper Renzo with strikes, then avoid Renzo's subs by pinning him against the fence while peppering him with G&P to a Dec. In a ring Pat would be more open to submission.

In a cage I'd give Pat a slight edge.

In a ring I'd give Renzo an edge.

I dont know if alot of people would want to see this fight but I do. I think both Renzo and Pat have of a couple more good fights in them.

How do you see this fight going if it ever went down?

Good answer Whitey.

the venue determins the strategy - and is suited better to one persons game over the other, just as standing is better for strikers and the ground is better for grapplers

good idea. pat by sprawl and brawl descision

I'd love to see it!

Renzo will not be able to take Pat down. Pat is a better striker with KO power. I would have to say Pat.

El Guapo...

Even the event itself will have an effect on who wins. Pride has differnt ways they handle rules. Restarting them in a different position in the middle of the ring does make a huge difference on the grapplers. Being pinned up against the cage does help the wrestlers...

I was pinned up against the cage and found it very hard to move and use my technique, so yes, it does effect the fighter.


get your head out of your ass Fuego

Pat would keep the fight standing.. force a bad shot..
and boom..

Anyone who thinks Pat is boring hasnt seen his last 2 fights: he KO'ed Shonie with one kick and even though he lost to Newton, he was lighting him up standing.

Pat's striking looked simply awesome in those 2 fights. Both very aggressive and technical.

I think Pat would beat Renzo.

He could beat Pat, sure, he is Renzo Gracie after all but I wouldnt bet in a million years that Renzo's standup would match Miletich's.

Was I the only one who saw Renzo vs. Oyama and Renzo vs. Ohara?