Renzo's students are disgraceful.

First of all, let me just say that I believe Renzo Gracie to be a good man! He is a classy guy, who cares about the sport, and doesn't wish to hurt people.

However, some of his students on here (you know who you are) act in a classless manor when trying to "defend" your great teacher. You are reduced to insulting at, cursing at, and sometimes even threatening the person you feel has disrespected Renzo.

I'd be willing to bet that if Renzo was aware of this, he'd be inclined to encourage his students to act in a more respectful way.


I have always thought the opposite of when Renzos students post on here.


Tbidness, it was the worst after the Shamrock fight.
I never understood that about this forum:

There are a lot of things that are hard to understand on this forum.

Take everything with half a grain of salt.

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Seriously though, you got nothing better to think or write about?


I'm just highlighting it. It pisses me off the level of hypocrisy among his students in particular.

Just out of curiosity, how did you think Shamrock's fans/students reacted on here after the fight?


I didn't see the level of hostility on their part. Some of Renzo's students even went on Shamrock's message board talking junk.

And you're sure these are actually students of Renzo? Remember that there are a LOT of guys that hate Frank, and that say Renzo dominated, who have no affiliation with Renzo.

who cares. all i know about renzos school is at the arnold a couple years ago he brought some of the hottest fuckin broads eva with them!!! but they did have that NYC-area attitude. which makes them hot in the bitchy kind of way!!! i thank you renzo!!!


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After reading your post I can see why Team Renzo picks on you. Nothing works better to make your point than writing a letter on the internet!!! LOL

Alright in my book. U got guys that are going to be a little hypersensitive about their beloved teacher, especially a guy as great as Renzo. Plus they're from NY lol! I just think that comes w/ the territory.

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renzo is quite possible the best bjj teacher of his generation and I think his students reflect that.

I've never liked the gaps between Renzo's teeth, and I did not like his bathing cap in the Mark Kerr Documentary.

Also I did'nt like that he went to strong arm a gas station attendant in Middletown, and got punched in the eye for his efforts.

Aside from that he looked pretty good against Frank, and was brave in defeat against Saku.

Why don't you come on down to Renzo's and complain in person?