Replace a word in a movie title with ...

The word COCK. Go!

3 men and a little cock Phone Post

2 Cocks Phone Post

Why do I feel like I was just put in a time-warp back to junior high school. Seriously.


Big Cock in Little China

Cock of ages Phone Post 3.0

A Cock To Remember Phone Post

There Will Be Cock

Black Cock Down

The Perfect Cock

Remember The Cock

For The Love Of The Cock

500 Days Of Cock

The Cock Redemption.

Deep Cock

Raiders of the Lost Cock

The in that pussy thread was better Phone Post 3.0

You've got cock Phone Post 3.0

The wrath of cock

Dude where's my cock ?

The dark cock rises




Pretty simple 

A cock too far.
Saving private cock.
An interview with the cock.
Ice cold in cock.
Total cock.
One flew over the cock nest. Phone Post 3.0