Report: Jason Miller accused of breaking man’s ribs in bar fight


Is he trying to set some kind of record?

Fuck’em. He doesn’t need help. He needs imprisonment. At best, he’s guilty of putting himself in these situations on a repeated basis.

Gonna be a busy time coming up for old Mayhem



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Yeah at this point he’s just an idiot.


It’s the strangest thing.

Most folks manage to go their whole lives without being arrested, assaulting anyone, getting into an armed standoff with police, etc.

And yet, this guy seemingly just can’t do it for more than a few months at a time.

I fear he’s at the end of the rope here. He’s due for some real time behind bars. What a dolt.


if u tend to get in fights, stay out of bars


And Waffle Houses.


A friend of mine is teetotal because he realises that when he drinks, he gets violent. Not many people that self aware in life is there, it’s not rocket science

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Where the mayhem monkey’s at now MEAN GENE?

So sad. Was a big fan of Mayhem

At this point, his rap sheet is longer than his pro MMA record.

Free Lee Murray and imprison Mayhem Miller.


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I had just kinda assumed he was in prison somewhere. How the fuck is this moron still allowed to participate in civilization? Lock him away or put him on a one-way flight to Liberia.

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I knocked some mouthy chump out at bar last night. These things happen.

This. Get fucked up at home.

You still getting in bar fights?


Not usually. Guy had it coming through. Threatening lives in a parking lot. I go for X-rays in the morning. Thumbs broke. Hoping I don’t need surgery.

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SN checks out.

I know of guys with way way more a criminal record that mayhem that are free. It’s funny how people think america is tossing guys in prison for weed.

Jason needs serious help with his various issues. Sad to read.

Hope he gets it someday before it’s too late for him or those in his his life.