Report on new proposed MMA laws

"There is new MMA legislation being considered in Illinois and Iowa.How is the UFC involved and what will the effects be? Hear what both the critics and supporters have to say in this exclusive InsideFighting report."


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There is also going to be a bill introduced into the Michigan legislature.  I know ZUFFA has people (lobbyists) involved in that.

Yes Fathead D, This article talks about the UFC lobbyists working in Michigan as well.

cool I will read it later.  I am at work now.


Thanks Fathead D. Have a good day at work and I hope you enjoy the piece.

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For all the good articles I keep hearing about on Inside Fighting, I wish they had an RSS feed. That would make life much easier.

Crump's Brother, thanks for the feedback. I'll be totally honest with you; I really want to get an RSS feed set up I just need to get help setting t up since I don't know how. But we will work on it and get it set up for our readers!

What a hustle. The athletic commissions are seemingly there just to
siphon money from the promoters and/or the fighters.

Thanks for reading Lowbrow. You don't think these regulations will impact health and safety then?

Eh, I don't know. I'm just generally against the athletic commissions. I
feel they're ultimately just there to convince non-MMA fans of the sport's
"legitimacy"...whatever that means. Promoters in Hawaii and Japan have
no problem regulating themselves. If there are concerns from the fighters
health or safety-wise, let them form a union. The commissions and their
over-the-top bureaucracy are more trouble than they're worth.

I'm in Illinois and the changes overall sound good.  Insurance needs to be there and most importantly, the promoter needs to be able to pay the fighters even in the event of a bad turnout.  Anything that eventually brings the UFC to Chicago is also something I'm looking forward to as long as the smaller shows can still exist alongside them.

I'd like to hear what Jeff Curran thinks of the promoters can't be fighters clause since he both promotes the XFO and fights in various organizations including his own.  The law makes it sound like you must choose one or the other and that's it.

Lowbrow, interesting. Thanks for your input and for reading.

MMA Warehouse, I think alot of people share your sentiment. The dream of a show like the UFC in Chicago along with a healthy backbone of local shows. It will be interesting to continue to track this legislation and see the changes it brings about, and gauge how positive or negative those changes will be over all. One thing I like in particular is how it seems the false "Amateur" bouts would no longer be allowed.

I thought of Jeff Curran first as well because of the XFO.


I live in Iowa so it will be interesting to see how it all ends up. Right now, those fees sound completely ridiculous.

read it.


CB, it will be interesting indeed. Always feel free to write us with your obxervations as time goes on as well. Your perspective as an Iowa resident and fight fan would be welcomed. You can always write as well as the author of this story, John Buhl, at

CJD, thanks for reading.

John, that provision would seem to make sense because of potential conflicts of interest.

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