REPORT: US Race Relations at the Lowest in Two Decades

Liberals (commies) are not people. You’re good


This. Social Media popularity took off in 2012.

Also, our countries leadership both left and right and pressed race conflicts in their messaging. Feels like a way to distract us away from them.

That said, my experience as a white dude has been nothing but positive with other races. So the survey might just be a reflexion of the messaging we get from the media.

I am most interested in any OG minority take on it.

Valid point.

Me too.

This phenomenon is wholly due to the current incarnation of the democratic party.

Tim Scott tried, but democrats had to democrat.

I’ve been jumped 15 vs 1 by black dudes, but I don’t hate them. I have learned to fear them in numbers though. And have a distrust of strangers. I have black and mixed race family members that I love and would kill for.

What leaders on the right pressed race conflicts in their messaging?

It’s amazing the things you notice when you live a normal life vs staying inside all day.

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You forgot
the AMA

Oh, I absolutely get to be pompous when dealing with a cross-burner. You have no high ground.

Cross burner, lol. Lay down before you faint. Your girdle is on too tight.

Go wash your hood and robe. They stink of kerosene.

Democrats are the true racists. They have been against every single civil rights movement in the past. They started the KKK and we’re pro slavery.

Now a days they show their racism by assuming all minorities must be left leaning and act a certain way. Successful, articulate minorities are accused of acting and speaking white.


He’s a dumb racist. Pay him no mind

The funny part is, I’m at the house most all day.

But I’m not a total hermit. I do like heading into town at least once a day. It’s an eccentricity of mine. I don’t have to, but I like to. So I set my errands up that way.

And it really is as I described. We’ve got all types up here. Hillbillies, Italians, Puerto Ricans, blacks, Irish, Germans, asians, chasidim, blue haired liberal looking fat bitches, everything. BLM bumper stickers, Trump flags, Biden stickers.

And people get along beautifully. Even when the entire county was without power for two straight weeks with 3 feet of snow on the ground, people made do, helped each other out, and got the fuck along.

Thanks Obama!

Seriously, thank Obama for this whole race crap that started with the Trayvon shit

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Your Schtick fucking sucks


Correlation to media story narratives is UNCANNY.

This is a corporate media generated outcome.

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He also can’t explain what police reform is!