Report: WWE Rebuilding The Tag Team Division Again

WWE is reportedly refocusing its efforts on rebuilding the tag team division. The division is currently focused on The Shield's tag team champions Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins who captured the titles from Team Hell No (who are hugely over) although the future of the team is unknown as there are rumors of Daniel Bryan breaking away into singles action.
Expect to see more non-title matches from the Prime Time Players, Team Rhodes Scholars and other new tag teams made up of lower & mid-card wrestles.
The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Eric Rowan) will be debuting soon and Harper & Rowan will be another new team in the mix.

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Not falling for it this time. 



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Not falling for it this time. 



Exactly they've said this like a half dozen times over the last couple years Phone Post 3.0

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Let me guess they'll just slap together a few guys there not using that kinda look a like. A couple of guesses JTG and Ezekiel Jackson will be slapped together and so will Curt Hawkins and Ted Jr