Reporter Proves No Go Zones In Sweden Are Fake



Infowars editor, Paul Joseph Watson, challenged any journalist to stay in Malmo, Sweden after President Trump's flub of implying there was some sort of incident in Sweden due immigration. Mainstream media (MSM) went on a spiel saying Sweden didn't have any problem at all with immigration.




Everything seems to be going okay. Until....















Here is a direct link to his twitter: and YouTube: 


Fake News. All of the camera work is CGI. 



It looks like Timmy got an education.  

Good on everyone here.  Infowars guy puts money where mouth is.  Journalist steps to the plate.  Journalist honestly reports how dangerous the situation is. 


Hahah wow

Soooooo sweden is far worse than people who knew it was bad could ever imagine?


Grenades? Police afraid of muslim bands attacking them? Whitey not allowed?


I'm not surprised, motherfuckers!

can we start a gofundme to start sending groups of liberals there...

jkd_guy - can we start a gofundme to start sending groups of liberals there...

Swedish people themselves will not acknowledge this.  They claim migrant issues are non issues.  The liberal brain is a diseased brain. 


Id like to hear Lorentz's take on what's going on there. I believe he's a Swedish national. 

what's with the thread title? 

disbeliever -
Wayne Shamrock - 

what's with the thread title? 

Sarcasm I would imagine, as liberals have said that "no go zones" were conservative make believe

ok, I was wondering if this was fake news

I clicked thinking it was impossible. I was right. Great post. 



seems like a no go zone to me

Subbed for inevitible apologism from Ari, attjack, and other saboteurs of western civilization.

I watched the 2 vids... What am I supposed to be terrified about? Should I just believe what those guys are saying without any video evidence?