Repost: call to action

Pat Militech posted this in the underground, any of you seen it yet?


All equipment makers and gym owners please read this e-mail from Iraq. Contact me at my office at 563-355-3360. Your help on this would be great.

Pat Miletich


Hello Pat and the Silverbacks Team. My name is SFC Ricky Tate. I am a 15 year veteran of The U.S. Army and I'm currently on my 4th deployment between Iraq and Afghanistan. I am a huge fan of yours and wish you continued success in whatever it that you choose to do. I am inquiring to see if you know of someone or some company that would be willing to donate some MMA training equipment to us here in Iraq. I am currently studying BJJ and grappling and have been studying off and on for about 2 years in between deployments. I plan to start competing in 2009.I have been asked to put together a workout program for the guys I'm here with. I'm on a small 11 man team that is remotely located away from all other coalition forces. Our mission here is to live with and train the Iraqi Army to defend it's own country so we AMERICANS can come back home to our families. I have made a small makeshift gym with items that we have made ourselves or have scrounged here in Iraq. The deal is that we get almost no support from our own forces and have to fend for ourselves. I have personally spent over $1500 of my own money to try and make things better for us, but it is not enough. I feel ashamed to ask, but we really need to some help in acquiring some equipment. We are not asking that you yourself donate the equipment, we just need some influence on the large companies that provide the equipment or possibly some guidance on how to attain the equipment. The equipment would remain for the guys that replace us to utilize as well. I have inquired to almost all the major companies that supply training gear and none seem to want to help us out. The equipment does not have to be new. We are just in dire need of some equipment like a heavy bag, a speed bag, ground and pound bag, training gloves, boxing gloves, headgear, knee and elbow pads, and we need mats badly to cover the hard concrete floor and walls. We definitely take some unneeded bumps and bruises from the floor. I always say it "builds character" HA!,HA! But at the same time we have to remain healthy for our mission here. We also need training mitts and pads, hand wraps, heavy bag, speed bag, bag gloves, etc . Any help that you can provide or guide me in the right direction will forever be greatly appreciated. God Bless You Pat, and best of luck in all your future endeavors. Sincerely,

SFC Ricky Tate 2/1/3 IA MITT AL KASIK, IRAQ APO AE 09351