Republicans against "big government" are the absolute worst

“We can’t go around passing laws and expanding the reach of government. That’s against our principles! Besides, if I wield my power, a democrat might come along and wield power as well!”

Oh so you’re afraid of some far off dystopian future where democrats might…do the exact thing they are currently doing in the present moment. While you sit back and do nothing about it.

Hey fuckheads, democrats aren’t waiting for your permission to wield power. They just do it. And you don’t, even when you have the opportunity to. So why do you even exist?

Clown world.

Not Bad Season 6 GIF by Parks and Recreation

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they’ll waddle their fat suburban flip flop wearing asses to chik fil a while listening to tuckler carlson on the radio

What if I told you…we the people…not government should wield the power?

What we need is a insurrection, complete with violence and bloodshed.

Republicans are mostly old, fat, white guys. They aren’t fighting anyone.

Yeah . . . this latest political porn fetish of Leftists is especially weird.