RepubliCONS BIGGER snowflake/victim-complex!?!



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liberals are so mean and scary.....we are oppressed and persecuted----------summary of conservative news/talk media

Bro, you forgot to capitalize a

meaningless word in this post. 

You ok?

GREAT day, full of BIG IDEAS



But you have to admit he’s right. Conservatives are perpetual victims. They get raped by leftist teachers, leftist media, leftist protesters, etc etc. At least that’s what they claim on the OG.


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I agree. The most butthurt I've seen people is when  I disagree with something Ben Shapiro says on Facebook. As soon as I do I am a liberal snowflake. Then when I rail on The Young Turks i am a cuckservative. Both sides are full of crybaby victims.

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I agree. The most butthurt I've seen people is when  I disagree with something Ben Shapiro says on Facebook. As soon as I do I am a liberal snowflake. Then when I rail on The Young Turks i am a cuckservative. Both sides are full of crybaby victims.

People love being part of teams and lacking nuance.  This is exactly how people are so controllable, how the system never changes and why Clinton and Trump were both Epstein's buddies.  Unless we ditch the team think, we will keep on getting these bum politicians that are two sides of the same coin and bring prosperity only for the corporations and one percenters that bankroll them.

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Both sides act like fucking babies. It's sad. 

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The worst of both sides are religious cultists who lose their shit, any unbiased person can see that.

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first of all u fkn retard, no one is crying… we are bitching about it because our forefathers didnt fight and die so faggots like you and your dad who failed you btw, so illegals could come here FREE>. with no constitutional values.,… make sense so far dumbfk? also dikhead, its bitches like you and your libtard cuck friends always whining about racism and use it as every excuse to your pathetic existence… following still fknutz? christians persecuted??? only faggots like u dig deep enough to find that… no one cares… stfu…and the liberal boogey man has a senile bitch president, useless laughing VP hyena cunt, record high inflation, highest gas prices in history BY FAR, largest amount of illegal crossing combined w sex trafficking, child trafficking, drugs, weakening the country, insanely high crime rates resulting in catastrophic failure for many businesses… does any of that make sense, or is it hard to comprehend while getting tag teamed by hunter and his dad? sniff sniff mfkr

^LOL 5months later and you are still REEEEing over this thread! I got 5months FREE RENT!

and as for that “Sex Trafficking” thing you mentioned…well, what do you expect when your FALSE IDOL MAGA prophet was hanging out with that Epstein Villain!

didnt pay attention to the date mr wizard. who cares? free rent? it took me 2 min to read and write about your dumb shit… trump knowing epstein and finding out what fkn scumbags do doesnt mean he was a part of it, no more than you seeing your mom suk kok at the corner mart… does that make u a kokskr? lol you probably are anyway, but u get the point… i dont have idols dumbass… i pay attention and make decisions based on facts, results and logic. youre a brainwashed media hack who let your mind get controlled by the media and takeover your soyboy emotions… awwwwwww lil raskal… did they lie to you and make your vagina bleed?.. dont worry sweet tits… your idol that you voted for along w that bitch are fkng up OUR country as we speak… difference… i knew who not to vote for and you fkd up… just admit it and get on w life… dont stand around still yappin about trump like all u fkn crybabies do BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT A SINGLE FKN THING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT YOUR DUMBFK IN CHARGE… lol sweet irony… us republicans are bitching about the current fknD up status of the US and you whiney fks are still crying about trump…

^I have no idea what you are blabbering about but you bumped one of my threads from 5 months ago LOL :rofl:

All the global-homo shills these days:

things i like <br>plus the thing i love (gifs)

Things were going great!

Keep America great was the 2020 campaign slogan

So most republicans believe that things were in a good place just 2 short years ago

Since then

Russia invaded ukraine
10% inflation
$5.00 gas

Food shortages
china escalting

Can you name the one big change since then?

Why don’t you get your head out of your ass broski

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^yeah things were great…FORCED VACCINES and LOCKDOWN…POLICE ABUSE and CITIES BURNING…Biden certainly INHERITED a MESS just like OBAMA did :grin:

…and to be clear, I’m not an AntiVax CovidConspiratard. Just fighting WingNUT logic with WingNUT Logic :laughing:

You may be the most delusional person on here karasu. That is saying a lot. Liberalism is straight up anti-Americanism.

@Dryfly, I encourage you to turn-off RwingNUT NEWS…it’s very bad for your vibration…it makes men OLD…get OUTSIDE and RUN/WALK/HIKE some MOUNTAIN TRAILS and then perhaps a trip into town to enjoy an afternoon espresso and sweet-treat at the cafe to CURE any CURMUDGEONISM you may have developed from watching NEGATIVE RwingNUT Media Entertainment…and before you know it, you will be feeling YOUNG and HIGH-T again!

I saw whiskey the other day called dryfly. Is that what youre named after? I always thought it was a fly fishing thing.