Request: Any judo in mma highlights

Looking for some good MMA highlights that feature judo throws.

feel free to post any MMA highlights that focus on takedowns, but mainly looking for a judo highlight. greco would be cool too




i know ive seen some before, but they always get taken down on youtube

ill even settle for some karo parysian hls

look for an Akiyama highlight. btw. have you just googled it?

warrior judokas:
Fat Kaz:


judo is useless on the streets....

Dr Dre - judo is useless on the streets....

 Dumbest post ever. A good Judo throw on the street can KO somebody.

thanks guys, I didnt see these posts, thought the thread died

nice HL, jujub, nver seen that one.

Some of my fav throws/judo/judo like throws/trips

TK harai on Randy in Rings

TK uchimata on Pete Williams

Karo's got tons but the best was his makikomi harai on burkman. that shit is dam hard without the gi. Karo's sumigaeshi into kimura on strasser was also sweet of course, as was his ippon seoi on strasser, something else you'll hardly see (stevenson did an armthrow type on cummo i think in the TUF finale)

Nakamura's harai on Travis Gailbrath

Nak's harai on Randleman

Mach tossed Trigg with a harai but got flipped over on the ground

Franca hip tossed Uno onto his face of course

Randy had some nice footsweeps on Ricco and Josh iirc

The way Fedor set up his tds on CC

Fedor's reversal of Lindland (though we'll always bicker about the rope thing ;p)

Akiyama had some nice ones in there that i hadnt seen previoiusly

i liked yoshida on war machine