Request for pics-Manny Yarborough

The title says it all. I really need some pics of manny!

It's important. Thanks already guys.

Nudes? Regular?

Post the nudes on tapout....

NO!!! Please don't.


I`ve seen that fat bastard fight two times now,and both times he tapped to punches.He is more of a freak show then anything else.

he's the poor man's Bob Sapp, sans supplements.



Ultimate Suuumuuu!

Who elese beat him besides Hackney? (in an MMA fight?)

Siamang - I know him very well. What are you looking for?

The Takase fight was horrid. He literally could not get up of the floor. Watching Takase sliding his leg out of Manny's folds is an image that will haunt me forever.

I hear that MAnny is fighting Tim Lajik, any truth to this???

TTT for ant info on where Manny's training etc.

- Jack Handy

Takase ran from him for about 5mins until recieving a yellow card. He tries a take down but Many lands on top of him (picture it in your mind, it was ugly). Takase eventually wriggles free, but Manny is so big he cant scramble at all, or move, let alone get up. Takase hits him a couple of times and he taps.

I know i've probably missed out loads but I havent watched the fight in ages. I do what most people do when watching Pride 3, skip to the Sak/Newton fight then turn it off.

Takase ran around for ten minutes until manny gassed and then Takase beat on him and Manny tapped