Request recent Justice League...

I seldom do this, because I simply appreciate what all the guys that post here do. However with convergence coming up in the DC universe, I was wondering if someone would be willing to post the most recent run of Justice league. As I said in another thread, I have no idea what's going on in the DCU. I checked the geek ground comics posted thread, and saw nothing for the Justice league from the new 52.

Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

I'm going to TTT this one time, just in case Muerto, Mark Robinson or any of the other guys that post comics didn't see it. But I realize people are busy too, so no worries if there's no time for it. Phone Post 3.0

I think all you need to know if you want to read all of convergence is that a) it's going to be a LOT of books in a short period of time and b) it has to do with DC's multiverse, which Grant Morrison is having fun with and adding a little more depth to currently in his series 'Multiversity'. Phone Post 3.0

Well the whole run starting from the beginning of the new 52 would be awesome. But that seems like asking for a bit much. Probably whatever recent run that's leading up to convergence would be sufficient. So I'll do the legwork on that, and figure out where a good starting point would be and let you know. But I would definitely appreciate it.

Also, don't know if this helps or not, but there was an old thread with the first several issues of JL from the new 52. I think it was ongoing and was pretty up-to-date at the time that it disappeared. So I don't know if that means whoever has the keys to dead again's old kingdom has access to those and could resurrect that old thread or not, or if that would even be easier than just starting something new. But I figured I'd mention it just in case. Phone Post 3.0

Okay, so there are two main series leading up to Convergence. New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: worlds End. Futures end appears to be the main one, set in earth prime. It started on May 2014 and will run until May 2015. It may be worth considering following if there's enough interest on the forum.

At any rate, the May 2014 issue of Justice League is #31. Seems like that would be a good place to start because after that will include any tie-ins with Futures end and should take us all the way up to Convergence. Phone Post 3.0