Requests anyone???????

For the Bonello/Severn match.

If it is indeed a work then I would like to see the following written into the script;

1. A prefight conference where Dan promises to hurt Tony bad and where Tony retaliates by telling Dan that he will be forced to retire after this match because he can't handle "the gun".

2. A huge stare down at the beginning of the match followed by Tony slapping Dan in the face and starting the fight early.

3. At least three suplex throws during the match and one must result in the knocking out of a referee via a collision with one of the thrown participants.

4. Dan must throw Tony out of the ring at least once.

5. Tony must launch a flying head scissors attack on Dan and land it.

6. Use of at least one "foreign object" by each participant.

7. Tony must win via Triangle choke a la Royce Gracie.

Feel free to add more folks, I am sure that all the requests can be worked in to the match.


this is all shit because it isnt a work.

Tell you what. leave all this shit until we see the fight.

but if i had to say sumthing. i would say.. TB has to do the worm while dancing with a fat hawaian and then do the shaun michles ona single leg tensing pose with 'sexy boy' playing

Note; I did say that IF it was a work post your requests.

Steveoco, that is funny shit man. He may be able to work in the "spinneroony"


i saw the if :P

i would prefer razors edge. but see if tony can hold severn up long enough.

other than that. maybe a mick foley/cactus jack/mankind/dude love esq dive off the top the cage.

Mick Foley fucking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the "Diamond Cutter" or the "Choke Slam"?


no severn throws crushed tablet into tony's eyes, tony cant see, has flashback to receiving bjj black belt, catches kick with one hand, flips severn, turns to dan's cornor and yells WRONG BET, then jumping spinning cresent kicks x 3

then kisses elizabeth schue (no hang on thats daniel son)

WCW sucked.

mick foley rocks to uch sucks hes back at it :( he said he was finished. and ragged those who came out of retirment. but meh.

i would like to see TB VS TP: Tom PO

Is it just me, or is Steve speaking some foreign language??? I hardly understood a thing you said mate!

I'd like 2 see Severn pull out some tape from his trunks and start wrapping his fist while Tony climbs the ropes to do sum Ray Mysterio head scissor throw into top triangle till Severn goes 2 sleep. Also Cameron would have 2 do the old lift the arm up and see if it drops 3 times before he stopped it.

Or Tony doing a powerbomb/piledriver on Severn would be cool.

its called wwe(f!!!!!!!) geek talk cadmus

yeah sad.


"and then do the shaun michles ona single leg tensing pose with 'sexy boy' playing"


didnt attend spartan 6 hey?? ...its already been done...BY ME!!

*hits sexy boy and drops into another double bi*

actually i was there. dont remember shit though. you had sexy boy? dang. i remember the billy and chuck at KOTM. too bad ammo got beat up . hickmontt rocks :D. hmm.. well how about a huge bushwhackers stomp to the ring with some tuna eating and licking camerons head?

exhibit A:

the prosecution rests!

Bonello by sweet chin music

thats funny, haHAHA

there was not one serious answer in whole interview.

I'm actually looking forward to the controversy laden decision and subsequent rematch with Tony and Dan, featuring a ladder match for the title belt. Tony wins by "Step over Mongolian cock lock", climbing the ladder to get the belt and the glory.


you know what?
If severn wins will you shut up re tony and the xfc?

I am guessing this fight is FOR CASH!!!!

and probly not a little. so if somone is throwing this fight it will put them my guess around 10k out of pocket. not a reason to loose imo!

Will I shut up? Probably not, why? Because Severn will not win, Tony will quickly dispose of him in under three rounds maintaining his aura of invincibility.


didnt mean it like shut up DAVE!!! hehe. just meant umm.. yeha not doubt as much.

tony will and not because its fixed. tony just is that good. (even if severn is washed up )

you left him off your ppl to watch list too :P

oh and dodged the point. why would severn purposly loose his match and guess 10k?

if hes at the end of his career you think he would fight for all the cash he could!