Rescued this bug-eyed creature.

She was found in the streets with a broken paw. Just around 5 weeks old. She's a little too young to be wearing white eyeliner. Phone Post

Phone Post

She's purdy Phone Post


Vtfu Phone Post 3.0

I Couldn't.   Allergic to cats.

I had one growing up that I became somewhat immune from, but any new cat makes my eyes and sinuses bug the fuck out.


I'm glad not everybody is... looks like a sweetheart.

That picture doesn't do her eyes justice. They are fucking huge. Poor thing was starving. Phone Post

Will vtfu when I get to a comp.

Get it some food water a scratchboard and the green contaiber of cat litter fron costco ($8 for a huge tub, works great) and you're set. Phone Post

Bravo sir! I rescued one from a shelter about two years ago. Hes like a tiny human in a fur coat.

I have another cat around a year old. It wont stop hissing at it. I was told to keep them in separate rooms for a bit. Phone Post


Nah, let em mingle. The older kitty will hiss n run away from the new one but that'll all change. They'll be best buds in a month or so. Phone Post 3.0

She's gorgeous. Phone Post 3.0

Is the paw 100% now?

Well done.


Awww kitten!! I'm a sucker for animals, but kitties just steal my heart away. Phone Post 3.0

Jack Carter - 

Is the paw 100% now?

Almost, still acts like the cast is on

Looks just like my kitty JD. He is an asshole, but I love him.

Beautiful girl...good on ya!