So it’s been working out pretty well.

Elemental still has absurd burst damage, but without the mana issues. I get +9 hit from talents and totem, so my lvl64 shammy can comfortably kill lvl67 mobs, letting me get a huge head start by farming clefthoofs and nether drakes for leather very early on.

I thought you were playing a lock for some reason. I’m feral tanking and it’s pretty damn solid. Really looking forward to lacerate. My guild aspergered to 70 in instances and are bitching about people not being ready for Kara on Monday. I think I’m too old for this shit now, I don’t even care. Just chilling out doing the quests and hitting the instances for the quests and a few pieces of gear. WTF is wrong with people spazzing out over this 15 year old game. It’s fucken easy…

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Yea people over here were hitting 70 in two days. I’ve quested and spammed dungeons and I’m 61 1/2. Not looking forward to this and not really wanting to play now that it’s here

I have a lock too, but decided to play my moocow.

I’ve put in some serious hours to get this far, so God knows how these autists are at 70 already.

Yeah, I hear ya, I feel like I’ve been playing a lot of TBC and I just hit 64. They do nothing but instances and just go from ramps to blood furnace to slave pens and so on for 16 hours 4 days straight.

I’d rather listen to KPop

I literally couldn’t get a single Ramps run until after I hit 61 and somehow managed to find a group and run Ramps/BF back-to-back. The entire time there were constantly people LFM tank/healer/mage DPS in local…

I’m glad I chose to level my cow. In Nagrand, I had a quest to kill a group of three lvl67 patrolling mobs and I burst all three down in a matter of seconds.

Feral tank doesn’t quite kill like that…but I can go grab a pack of wolves or warp stalkers like a mage and tank them all down. The self heal from LotP is insane and my Agi/armor and HP are retarded. Really digging it. Don’t remember it being this fun last time.

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playing my boostie warlock. switched to deep affliction with demonic aegis to drain tank. it’s fun. no down time when questing, use the Imp as a mana battery and end fights with more health and mana then i started with. i haven’t done any dungeons yet, just questing with Zygor. easy peezy.

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Hit 70 yesterday morning. If anyone needs help let me know. Killswitch on grob, horde side.

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You guys seriously have 1 hour Bg queues???

i imagine bg queues will suck until more people get to 70. 90% of server pops aren’t 70 yet and the folks that rushed probably are raiders.

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yeah that’s true

…I’m still seeing a lot of queue time complaining

Unplayable. Bg ques on horde are 45 to 55 mins. Meanwhile, alliance are fully geared with insta ques.

That sucks to hear.

Who could have seen this coming??

probably the end of TBC for me…for now. Only thing I wanted to do at 70 was BG’s. i should have boosted an Alliance toon regardless. Hopefully they fix it. One thing they could do is allow Horde to queue as Alliance like they do in retail. Or offer faction changes.

Hit 70 and queued for Eye of the Storm.

One and a half hour queue.

You’re horde sir?

That sucks.

Merc mode isn’t happening because blizzard can’t make money off of it and the players on alliance don’t want it. Heavy support on alliance for paid faction transfers with cool downs though and I definitely see Blizzard doing that because of the $$.

Years and years and years of private servers struggling to keep an alliance population for TBC…how can anyone be surprised by this?? Honestly I thought it would be at least close to this bad for Horde in vanilla but it actually turned out ok. But TBC I 100% knew with belfs and arena added that the Zug population would be too high. This is why I went alliance in the first place. Quite frankly, alliance are terrible PvPers. Just shit players with shit attitudes that give up when everything doesn’t go smoothly right from the start. It’s frustrating but at least you can gear for arenas. Personally, I make a meta game out of it on my Druid and just stealth and ambush solo rogues that open on healers in the back and FF debuff them. Get my mark for losing and repeat until bored then tank an instance.

It’s old though honestly and I’m leveling a priest with my kid who likes warrior tanking. Pretty much done with this xpac. Vanilla was better. Vanilla on a private server was 10x better. My guild is already raid logging Mag, Gruul, Kara…are you shitting me??? Those are nothing after Naxx to those sweat hogs. Even PvE players are going to check out soon.