Reset The Trip Computer Before Returning Ferrari


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It appears that the speed was set in Germany, perhaps on the Autobahn, according to a subsequent Tweet. But would it have killed the journalist to put some gas in it?

I have always wanted to drive a really fast car and wring it out a little. But 198 mph? Damn, that dude has some major balls.

MMAguy, how much of a badass did you feel like driving that car?


Next question: What do you do for a living that you can afford that car?

What are the ownership costs on a car like that? Also, what's the depreciation % per year?

I am looking to get a California.

mmaguy30 - I do a few things...own a few diff businesses, I did very well contracting to uncle sam after I left the military, invested well, own a gym that is now doing very well... I am an entrepreneur that works very hard.
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great vid mmaguy, smiled the whole way through, can only imagine how it felt.

135ish mph in a 73Cougar with a 351 Cleveland is my fastest on 4 wheels. It felt like the 4 wheels were on a 2inch cable made of ice.

Good for you MMAguy.

If you get one, you have to post pics/vids, but you will either be called a troll or called out for gloating.  Hope your dream comes true.

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mmaguy30 - 
ravenink - What are the ownership costs on a car like that? Also, what's the depreciation % per year?

estimates run between $4-$6 per mile across 3 years.

Thats depreciation, maintenance, tires, etc.

and if you are only putting 5k or so/year on it.

THe maintenance is insane...

for me in Myrtle Beach even worse... nearest service is Atlanta or Charlotte (6 and 4 hours drive)

If I broke down (COMMON) your looking at the expense of an enclosed trailer trip to either city on top of the cost of the fix...

The reality for me is... I am gonna DRIVE this fuckign thing...and I mean drive it. I have rented several over the past few years... about 25% of the time there is an issue that would require a Ferrari mech.

My insurance tells me an annual premium of about $5k

None of this takes into account the cost of tickets...I am sure as shit gonna get get those.

I COULD do it... but I couldn't do it and not care...that leaves me not enjoying the car.

I am still in the vette/viper/porsche budget...

like I said, about a year to go!

Very good info, thanks. I'm in the same place. Comfortable at the vette/viper/porsche level, but that next step up just feels like too much money.

A year or two from now though... party time.

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