Residential Solar Installer TMA

I start training tomorrow as a "DC Solar Installer" and know relatively little about what the job entails other than what I've found on Google. Anyone on here have any experience, tips or info? Anything would be sincerely appreciated. Phone Post 3.0

Let me try one more time... Phone Post 3.0

Keep the panels out of the shade.

My best bud is a 2nd year installer he makes 22 a hr...its BOOMING here in Austin for the installations... Get ready to sweat...a lot...he lost 45 lbs his first fee months and he said it was hard work but worth it ... I would look up ac installation...sort of the same thing.. Phone Post 3.0

6 months. It sucks. Its hard. You will damage peoples homes more than you think, and not care, neither will anyone else you work with.

I have an offer letter from Solar City in SoCal but it's for a sales position.<br /><br />The whole industry is just booming out here so that's why I'm thinking of switching over.

worked for SC for 2 years. sales and install. they will bait you in with utopia and then you will regret it a month later. DO IT! so you can tell me I'm not a liar ;) like this. "hmb, you were right!"

actually, I think socal is a better place to be selling solar. the experience might be better down there.