resistance to cuts?

This book says you can build resistance to cuts by rubbing your face (areas prone to cuts) until the skin toughens and thickens (like a callus). It says it takes about 2 months to thicken and toughen the skin to resist cutting.
Has anyone ever heard of this, or is it B.S.? I thought that susceptibility to cuts was more due to facial bone structure?

Not that I would try this- I'm not a fighter and I don't need calluses on my face! I'm just curious.

I think that it would work, but not worth having the callouses on your face. Skin is skin.

well obviously for most folks, the time would be better spent in training to avoid getting hit so much in the 1st place....

Get lots of sun, you're skin ends up like leather.

If that were true your dick would be a saddle horn.