Resistance Tubing Questions

I have a complete resistance tubing set that has the clips on the bands with handles, a door anchor, etc. I think there are 5 bands with progressive resistance. More than one band can be combined to clip onto the handles for variable resistance, and it doesn't seem to bad.

I've read a lot of research that states that resistance tubing is beneficial for strength training, which is what I am trying to accomplish, since I can't afford BJJ classes and a gym membership. Also, I live in a small apartment, so I don't have the space to use free weights or anything that risks making a shitload of noise.

Okay, my questions are the following: I am using the door anchor for many of the upper body exercises, however, when I try to do chest presses, I end up pushing myself backwards instead of pressing the handles forward no matter how much of a forward staggered stance I use. What should I do? Should I invest in a small adjustable bench so that I can brace myself in a seated position for the chest presses?

Also, what kinds of leg exercises can be done that would be effective for increasing strength?

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


If you are too strong for upper body pressing with the tubes, i'd suggest switching to pushups.


For Squats, get a length of pipe or large diameter wooden dowel, then loop the handles over either end with the pipe resting on your shoulders

As for benching, that may be a good idea to use a seated incline bench. I have experienced the same issue with my bands after I had them hooked to a wall. Pulling movements are no problem. You could also try changing the angle by lowering or raising the attachment point to the door and see if that makes any improvement

Trainjump, thanks for the advice.
vermonter, pushups don't really do much for me, but thank you for offering advice (not being sarcastic).

For leg work, what do you guys think about looping the tubing around my neck at the halfway point, and securing each clip end to the ankle straps (with the ankle straps looped around my feet vertically)? OR, using the door anchor at a low point and positioning myself underneath the tubing with my head toward the door anchor with the ankle straps used the same way as mentioned above. I guess it would be like doing leg presses while lying on my back, right?

Any other ideas for chest pressing movements would be great. Thanks.

If it wasn't clear -- I think vermonter meant pushups with resistance tubing... they might do something for you, if regular pushups don't!

Oh, okay. Thanks Ali. Maybe I'll have to do it that way. But the only thing is, I would rather do the chest presses using the door anchor for help in strengthening the stabilizer muscles.

Ali is correct!

Tubing, weight vest, backpack, whatever. Bottom line; it's easier and more space saving to add weight to a pushup than it is to purchase a bench that may or may not provide you with what you want.


Let me get this right, when you attempt to do standing chest presses w/ tubing you end up losing your balance and get pulled back towards the door.

If that is what you are saying, I would suggest that you start w/ a lower level of resistance tubing, until you get those stabilizers stronger.

the above is far easier to set up, just loop the band behind your back with one end in each hand then do pushups.


No, I'm not losing my balance. I ending up pressing myself backwards because I'm strong enough to be able to use heavy tubing with something bracing my back, but without it, my upper body just goes in reverse. I guess I'll either just do the pushups with tubing or buy a small adjustable bench for the chest presses. Thanks guys.

You might want to invest in a bench for the pressing work. They are pretty cheap considering what they are!

Also, if you dont already have it, get Ross Enamait's book Never Gymless, there is a ton of info on Band training in there that you could use with the tubing.