Resnick and Dimelo

give me a breakdown on this throw. did you come up with and how did you?


in my opinion mr. resnick can be a tad abrasive at times, but there is no denying dude has serious skills on the tatami...

i know everyone has seen the clip, but i love the ttt...



I thought this throw was named for the PR guy (I forget his name)?

Carlos Mendez I believe.

Yes, that's him.

i like how the guy refers to that as a golpe..... i love that word!

THAT got an ippon? Sheesh. Who was judging.

Carlos Mendez is an SJS alumni. he fought for both the USA and PR. when i was at the end of my freshman year he taught it to me. actually, he taught it to the entire team that day, but i guess i was the only one who really thought it was something i could do.

i dont do it the same way carlos does, i dont think many people could. but i didnt sit down and think about how to change it for me, it just changed itself.

before they disallowed backwards kataguruma in early 2000 that is how we'd finish it--straight back. its the natural direction for the throw. Carlos retired soon after and i stuck around so i had to find different finishes for it.

Rahman.. sorry, but i dont think it is a safe technique to teach via the net. actually, i dont think any throw should be taught via the net. uke's get very afraid of the fall and can often make the throw much worse than it should be.

come to milwaukee sometime and ill be more than happy to teach it to you.

oh, and... Mr. Turer.. im not abrasive. i cant imagin where you got that impression from. im a sweetheart--you can ask anybody.

josh are you in milwaukee permanently now?

rez, my bad...(lol)...


as of late June i will be. closing on our home this coming Tuesday. =)


When you come to Igor's Clinic maybe you could demo it.


id be honored to, but only if it is okay with Igor.

hey.. BTW... you should make sure that the clinic dates, etc get listed on the JI, JA, JF websites and get a notice out for it.


Thanks for the advise--will do. I'm sure there will be no problem with Igor.


It didn't even look like you dropped under him much if at all. Was it
momentum or adrenalin that helped pick him up like that?

neither. it was technique. =)

That's what I meant by momentum. Did you create the momentum when
you stepped back and pulled with your lapel arm? I haven't been able to
do that technique without spuating or dropping under them.

Either way, great technique. I love Kata Guruma and all of it's variations.

jeff.. sorry, but im dont believe in dispensing technical instructions out online. i think its dangerous and can lead to people easily getting hurt. im more than happy to help anybody i get the chance to meet up with, work out with, whatever.. but i just dont do it online.

i hope you understand, im not being a snob or anything of the such. i just dont want my words to cause anybody any injury. especially not wit a throw that can be scarry as hell to take a fall from.