Respect For Chuck, Finally?

if chuck actually beats rampage and does it convincingly, will all the guys who've consitently underrated him and undermined his accomplishments show some respect finally?

or will he have to beat rua, henderson, silva, and 4 or 5 new contenders and guys cutting from hw like brandon vera to actually get you to admit that while you may not like him, the man can actually fight a little?

come to that, is there ANYTHING chuck can do convince some of you, or is it going to always be a matter of everyone else having bad days, being shot as fighters, and that sort of thing for any meaningful victory he tallies?

Well 1st off I dont think he could beat Rua.....


so that'd be a "no" for you- duly noted.

lol...this is the UG. Respect does not exist.

I think everybody already respects the hell out of Chuck and are well aware of the fact that he is the real deal and top 3 fighter. I think alot of people just think of possible opponents who could possibly beat him. Nothing disrespectful about that. If anything that should be complimentary to Chuck and how great of a fighter he is.

i'm not saying, "will you admit he's the best shit ever and cures the lame with his awesome jesus-powers?"

i'm just asking if people like bsrizpac, for instance, will at least stop discounting his victories as flukes of as being the result of cheating, and playing up his losses as being representative of his worth as a fighter.

saying, "i think everyone already respects him, " is clearly not an accurate statement, as there has never been so disrespected a champ in mma as chuck, with the possible exception of tim sylvia.

I still cant believe alot of people dont think he is great. The dude is champ for a reason and is a very fun fighter to watch. And just look at the list of fighters he has beaten. Babalu x2, Randy x2, Tito Ortiz x2, Overeem, Horn, Suloev, Belfort, Monson, Randleman, Metzger, Jose Landi Jons. The guy is the real deal and is easily top 2 or 3 in the lhw division!

If Vera (who weighs less than Chuck) and has no meaningful wins in his career fought Chuck at 205lbs and Chuck beat him it really wouldn't prove anything.

Chuck beats a promising prospect... who cares. He is clearly a top 5 LHW now and beating a guy who is not in the top 10 or 20 doesn't change that one way or the other.

He might so long as his hand comes nowhere near the fence, and so long as he doesn't even punch anywhere near his eye. Otherwise the crybabies who have had their heroes beat by Chuck will make the standard excuses.

Mos tpeople hate Chuck becaus eof the treatment he gets from dana white. Yes, Dana loves him, but its not like chuck kisses his ass. fac tis he is a good fighter, and he does what he says he is going to do. I really don't understand the disrespect he gets sometimes. But whatever, everyone has their own opinions I guess.

I don't think many people hate CHuck. It's just that many realize he has not fought often for a long time, and has not fought enough of the top guys to warrant the #1 ranking that many bestow on him for no apparent reason.

"lol...this is the UG. Respect does not exist."


bsrizpac's letter to Chuck and his fans:

Dear Chuck,

I hate your stinking guts. You make me want to vomit. You are the scum between my toes. I never want to see you again!


Alfalfa... errr.. bsrizpac

"Who the hell ever said Chuck(or any fighter, for that matter) was unbeatable?"

It was a recurring theme around here actually.

Chuck has always had my respect. He's been one of the best 205 pound fighters for years and he has an impressive list of opponents he's defeated. Most of them handily.

Chuck has been nothing but a Warrior. Pre-Zuffa treated him like a red headed step child. I'm glad he got his due attention, he's a warrior thru and thru.

People that are turning their backs on him are noobs.

I don't knowif he can come back, Rua seem like a bad match-up too. But anything can happen.

If and when Shogun does come to the UFC, Rampage's tenure will be real short.

Chute Boxe and Rampage don't mix.

"It was a recurring theme around here actually."

utter bullshit

love old threads!

"the bring back"