Respect my fame...

Yup. I'm pretty sure the paparazzi is outside my apartment right now.

In case you missed it, I was the guy in the orange Sprawls and black shirt grappling with Joe in 2 quick clips, and when Joe said "my manager, CHRIS". He meant me.

I asked him to use my screename. :)



pretty sure I've surpassed OMA now...

Much respect to Chris!!

Gary Hughes, Team Chris

Big ups to my main man Chris.



All rise...........

There is a CELEBRITY in the house!!

Fantastic segment on Lauzon, btw

ah my fame is still sinking in this morning.

that's probably your morning dump getting set

Oh, brother!

i don't take a morning dump.

Too famous for a morning dump?

The fame has already gotten to his head.

What a shame.

Chris is not only famous, but he's smart.  Much better to LEAVE a morning dump.  I never take it with me.

Nice job Chris. That was a great segment.

I more of a big afternoon dump kind of guy.

It wasn't bad... they missed the arm drag though.

Joe Lauzon, a morning dumper.

joe where is your gym exactly located?

Bridgewater, MA