Awesome night if fights tonight! Congrats to @DanCramerATT on a Huge win and easily fight of the night performance! It was amazing! Huge props to @BRogthePredator also you both put on the best show of the night and hands down one of the most exciting fights of the year! I know your bummed but you both gave us fans a great performance! #Respect Phone Post

Great card overall tonight! Phone Post


TheMentalisT - What up King Clinch! I agree, what a fight and tough to score.

congrats Cramer

Not much bro, just chillen... tomorrow its back to work though.

and yes... great fight, i loved Brians takedowns, but agreed with Cramer getting the nod. Great fight though! Fan of both of them! Sucks to see someone lose, but thats the name of the game.