Response to human bite

Hello to all of you on M.E.

Got into a pretty bad one yesterday with an EDP (psycho). Getting him down was not much of a problem as it was 3 officers on one guy (6'2" tall 200 lbs) and a blindside double leg takedown can be a thing of beauty.
However once he was down it was NOT over we had our hands full. A friendly "Joe citizen":
social worker jumps in to help and got a very BIG bite on the forearm (believe me it was nasty). All of us kept talking about it and thanking GOD it was not one of us (but it could have been) any suggestions on what to do when bitten, please post. Peace,

When bitten...what to do? Tactically? or medically?


Kidding, it sucks, Ive seen it and its results - nasty & dangerous.

Heres some out-of-the-box tactics for you all:

Ive had guys try to bite me and what Ive done is ram my arm/hand as far intheir mouth as possible...


What a mind f**k!

a. It freaks them out that I would want to be closer

b. It jams their jaw as wide as possible [timing is crucial of course] causing the [proverbial WTF face and gagging.


haha sweet, I've done that before...I just get pissed off and grit out the words "BITE IT!! GO ON BITE IT...BITE IT!!" it does blow their mind, and I find to be quite satisfying.