Rest of world not watching Grid Iron-just waiting

 Grid Iron is not football, football is played by Europeans, African's, Asians and Americans (that is the continent of America minus 1 or 2 countries). The people not watching Grid Iron don't care about Timathy Teabagger and are just looking forward to UFC 142 Rio!

So here's to all those just waiting for the fights cause they don't care to watch a game that looks a bit like Rugby but involves stopping for a rest every twenty seconds and wearing full kevlar body armour like a bunch of nancies. 

 watching fuel tv waiting for fights... facebook in 12 minutes

The padding joke is so stupid. People would die every game if they didn't wear padding. This is 260 pound guys hitting each other at full speed you dumb ass.

Tim Tebow does not approve of your comments, he has very powerful friends...

That being said, I will be watching UFC142 Phone Post