Restaurant calls cops because a party of 25 wanted separate checks

Reading the article, it seems like they booked for 25, then an additional 27 just turned up as well.



That this happened in Atlanta…

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These types of things always make me feel bad for black people who aren’t like this. That has to be the worst. If 8 out of 10 whites were downright embarrassing, rude, uncouth people, it would really suck and make life awkward as hell knowing everywhere I go people are leering at me assuming I’m going to be like the rest of my people. Then having to try extra hard to be the opposite of that and show I’m not a hunk of garbage, only to have my own people accuse me of “crackering it up” to fit in.

It’s no wonder so many blacks simply fall in line with this type of behavior. It’s an easier role to assume than actually working hard to be a good person.


I think I’m overly polite because of how embarrassing my parents were in public.


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Waitstaff are some of the most entitled feeling people in the hospitality industry.

Now having said that, people are wacky about tipping.

Some people use it as a brag, some use it as a shaming.

Time to dump tipping and have flat costs.

I would be fine with the food being more expensive and not dealing with the tipping shit lol.


Did the restaurant only accept cash or payment via the cash app? Why did anyone have to go find an ATM to get cash if they were knew beforehand the were expected to pay?

Tons of bullshit in the customers side of the story.

Pay your bill MPA!

Plenty of restaurants do this.

If you look at the bill in the article, $342.75 of the total is the 20% gratuity built into the price.

From a customer’s perspective I think they should always be able to break up the bill. That said at a huge table they should tell the server ahead. It just seems not many people carry cash anymore and it is hard to do that with one bill. I haven’t been on the restaurants side of that equation and I am sure they deal with a lot of bs and scam artists.