Result.....Shinay Aoki / Imanari

DEEP had a grappling event this past weekend w/ the following results....

Shinya Aoki def Pedro Akira: rear naked choke, 38 seconds

Bruno Frazato def Masakazu Imanari: 10x0

......impressive submission by Aoki. Anyone know who Akira is? If he's Brazilian or Japanese?

Seems like when Imanari can't get a solid hold on the foot or leg he gets worked positionally.

I'd love to see an MMA match between Imanari and Aoki... :D

They train together.

Yeah, Imanari goes for broke and like you mention, he doesn't seem to care about points. If he doesn't get the submission, you can pretty much bank on him losing.
Still, I'll be fan for life.

this is kinda funny