Results for Iowa/Extreme Challeng?

Anyone have results for these two events?

the extreme is thursday night

only 2 MMA fights at Iowa Challenge last Night.

Off the top of my head I believe they were Eric Lambert defeated Mark Long and Tyrell Roberts defeated Tom mcCloud.

Tyrell Roberts defeated Tom McCloud by RNC in 1st round

Eric Lambert defeated Mark Long

In Boxing

Jimmy Crawford Koed Matt Albright

Jesse Sanders defeated Mike Estes

Robbie Adamson defeated Jeremy Shuey

In Kickboxing Clayton Miller koed Mike Preece

In a grappling exhibition Albert Newberry and Kendrick Johnson fought to a draw

There were a couple of others but I missed them as I was getting dressed

got any pics? I got in trouble on Friday night and couldn't make it down. :(
Congrats on the win, Clayton. Looks like it was a good night for the Ottumwa boys, with the exception of Tom.

no pics but you can order the video by emailing the promoter at

Thanks,I soaked it in Thai Liniment,took some darvocet and taped it really good.I actually landed a head kick with my left leg as well as he was going down for the second time.

I left the tape on after the fight until I got home though to save time in the locker room since my kids were in the crowd and when I woke up the next morning my ankle had swelled again and still hurt like a bitch.

I've been to work for two days now though and took my brace off and it is now healing nicely though.I just can't do any serious grapling for about a month or so