Results for KOTC on the 18th?

Can anyone tell me the results? I haven't had access to the internet for a week and I missed them. Thanks.

King Of The Cage – The Return Review – by Brad Doerges

Championship fight put on rain delay

After sitting in the pouring rain for an hour with trash bags on as rain
coats, MMA fans at the Saboba Casino were informed by Thomas
Denny that he would not be fighting that evening. I assumed this also
meant that the fight Charlie Valencia vs Gladiator Challenge Super
Lightweight Champion of the World, Del 'the Philipino Delight' Hawkins
would also be cancelled. My assumption was correct but after a few
boo's from the crowd and some expletives from my self Terry and
Tedd went and totally redeemed themselves. They announced a FREE
yes I said it a FREE KOTC at the Saboba Casino Saturday the 25th at 4:
00pm They stated that Thomas Denny would be fighting for the belt,
Valencia would be fighting and that their would be other fights as well
hopefully one will feature Mike Guymon.

Morgan takes last minute fight.

In a surprise bout Sam Morgan from The Ultimate Fighter took on
former Pancrese fighter Shannon Ritch. The bout was so last minute
Morgan wasn't even on the fight card that is printed a few hours before
the shoe started. Both fighters came out looking to throw but Morgan
made the mistake of throwing a kick half slipping half getting taken
down by an aggressive Ritch. Ritch looked impressive from Morgan's
guard getting a good base and even landing a hard right to the TUF
fighters face. In a scramble Ritch looked to secure a heel hook but the
rain that had given him the takedown earlier allowed Morgan to easily
spin out. With Morgan safely out of the heel hook he looked for a
submission of his own by attempting a toe hold on the wrong foot.
Once he realized his mistake he quickly grabbed the other foot and
cranked the toe hold getting Ritch to tap and handing him his 6th loss
in a row.

Other impressive fights included a 12 second KO by Victor "Joe Boxer"
Valenzuela and a wet and wild slug fest between Rubin Tagle and
Rocky Williams. Also of note was fighter Saad Awad who was winning
his fight against Art Ruiz before Ruiz accidentally kneed Awad when he
slipped on the wet mat. Awad was out for a few minutes but was able
to walk out of the cage on his own.

Full Results

Efran Deleon def. Bobby Lee by Decision 2 5:00
Jacob Chagolla def. Buckley Acosta by Decision 2 5:00
Chris Lear def. John Incorvaia by Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1 1:26
Wes Combs def. Alan Zunner by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1 0:19
Sam Morgan def. Shannon Ritch by Submission (Toe Hold) 1 1:29
Rubin Tagle def. Rocky Williams by Submission (Guillotine Choke) 2 4:
William Robertson def. Baki Baki by TKO 2 1:46
Dale Breese def. Shane Rydell by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1 1:
Saad Awad def. Art Ruiz by DQ 1 4:43
George Fullwood def. Marshall Rodriguez by Submission (Guillotine
Choke) 1 0:26
Brandon Magna def. Santos Gonzalez by TKO 1 1:47
Victor Valenzuela def. Tim Cree by KO 1 0:12

I should have a picture gallery uploaded for this soon. Provided the
pics came out, that is. Shooting in the rain is NOT fun!

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