Results For Wild Bills Tonight???

Anybody have any of the fight results yet?



top of my head...

Brock Kerry TKOd Ben Pierce rd 2

Kevin English lost by close decision in first round of tourney

Stephen Ledbetter won by overwhelming decision in first round of tourney.

Left before finals.

Chad Schaffer lost a close decision. I personally thought he won, but it was close either way.

Kevin Jordan beat Chris Herring round 1

Tim Stout got caught in a RNC late first round. His opponent is a rough fighter. Constant pressure and great ground control and GnP.

Jeremy Stevens won.

Damn, sucks to hear about Ben.

and what about micah miller?

micah wasnt on the card

it said micah miller vs.tba....and i was talkin to bubby and they said he was supposed to fight someone

Dave Mewborn def Steve Sawyer rd 1 tko.
Stephen Ledbetter went on to win the tourney

Way to go Charles Nutt...

well he wsnt on the card

Do you know if Clay Harvison won?

benmma- you fought a good fight u just got caught im sure you will come back better than before next time

good fights,good show, there were ALOT of people in attendance they are saying it was the biggest crowd ever at wild bills that just goes to show how big the sport is getting lets all keep it up.

ttt for Georgia mma

real good tourny final between stephen ledbetter and jarrod card close fight to call. should be interesting to see ledbetter vs kinnison in march.


155 lbs Tournament 

Stephen Ledbetter (9-0) vs Maajib Alkush (2-0) Ledbetter won

Kevin English (9-2) vs Jarred Card (2-0-1)  Card won

Alternate Fight: Kyle Bradley (9-4) vs Keith Bach (4-1)  No fight: Kyle overweight

Ledbetter/Alkush winner vs English/Card winner Ledbetter beat Card


Kevin Jordan vs Chris Herring - Heavyweight Jordan won

Charles Blanchard vs Tim Stout - 179 lbs Blanchard won

Dave Mewborn vs Steve Sawyer - 205 lbs  Mewborn won

Jason Nicholson vs Allen Oshields - 165 lbs I think Nicholson won

Darsey Lominey vs Dale Sapp - 165 lbs Sapp no-showed

Charles Nutt vs Chad Shafer - 150 lbs Nut won

Brock Kerry vs Ben Pierce - 150 lbs Kerry won

Amateur MMA

Clay Harvison vs Joshua Fountain - 170 lbs Harvison won

Jeremy Stevens vs Serg Daniltchenko - 205 lbs  Stevens won

Marius Cujba vs Bob Cook - 180 lbs  Cujba won

Amateur Muay Thai

Rebecca Duran vs Ashley Altman - 135 lbs  Duran won

March 2 Main Event:

Steve Kinnison vs Stephen Ledbetter

FOX 5 report on the fights at the 6 pm and 10 pm segments tonight.

how did Jeremy Stevens win?

I have no idea. I hardly got to see the fights.

All I can do for now is post the results and hope that other people can fill in the details.

Blake Grice is a friend of Jeremy Stevens and posts on here often. I'm sure he'll get on here this weekend and post something.

jeremy won by scaring the beejezus out of his opponent when he mounted him in the 3rd rnd

Yeah I know Blake. I used to train with Jeremy and still try to on occasion. He's come along way since he first started.

Thorpe: the "beejezus"? lol

See you tonight for the Hatton fight. 9:45.

Good job reffing.