Results from Apr 17 BJJ & Fights?

Anyone have any results from the BJJ tourny then the
fight night out on Capilano? I only know that Garret
from Marcus Soares won his MMA fight but can't find
out how the rest of the fights went.

Also how did the BJJ tourny at BCIT go?

none hey?

I was the ref for the mma fights at the Squamish Nations Rec Center.

Scott Watkins(suitela's) won (choke)his fight over Nick Perry(Cobra Kai)

John Espedilla(U.S. Navy team) won a very close fight over Jason Zedzulchuk(PG Fight Club)"SP that is how it is in the hand out"

Garrett Davis (Soares/Kang)won (choke) over "RUSTY" Lindquist(U.S. Navy Team)

There was a KO and I mean HUGE KO at the BCIT Modified Pankration match. It was the worst (or Best) KO I have ever witness live. It was in the Super Heavyweight division. It reminded me of Tank KOing Matua in their UFC match. The guy who got KO'd was out on his feet, fell down and while on his back, he had one of his arm pointing up at the ceiling and started having seizure. This was the last match of the Modified Pankration and and he was still out when we all left. Ambulance was called in and I can only hope that he is OK now.

How did the kickboxing go at the Sqamish Nations