Results from Arnolds?

Does anyone have any results from the Canadians who travelled to
complete in the Arnolds?

I heard that Jeff Joslin won his division!

Any other results yet?



anything about wagnney?

I talked to Shawn The Hulk Geris last night. He took first place in Gi Super Heavy, and had an amazing seven fights, submitting most of his opponents, and getting some heavy take downs in the process. As for any other results, I have no idea.



What division does Shawn compete in?

way to go shawn ttt

Read this on jjgear: Shawn Willams won 1 match then lost to Daniel Moraes. Daniel Moraes lost to Wagney Fabiano. The final is Marcello Garcia-Fabiano. Fabiano is supposedly winning very impressively.

Then I heard that wagnney might not fight garcia b/c he hurt his neck....

hope he's ok

Wagnney is a great fighter and a nice guy. No matter what he brings back I wish him well and success.

Shawn "Hulk" Geris is smokin'. I hear the Toronto Zoo no longer lets him work out against the silverback gorillas because PETA complained.

ttt for wagnney. daniel moraes?!? DAMN!

Wagnney killed Moraes. Moraes is the last guy to beat Garcia. Wagnney got the first three takedown and they were sick, then Moraes got one, nearly passed the guard, Wagnney escapes and then does another amazing takedown.

Congrats "HULK"!!!

Moraes is tough ... way to go Wagnney!

Shawn Geris, congrats on another great performance.

Any other Canadian results?



what about other karma guys or joslin guys?

Jeff joslin won both his weigh class and the Brown Belt absolute, Rick lost a tough first round match.

KashK that wasnt me it was my sick stupid twin brother who lost! LOL!!

Hope I dont have a high fever for days the next time I compete! It really sucks the gas out of the tank!

Good times though! Congrats to Josh for placing in his division!!!

Josh? Congratulations on placing. That is also outstanding.

nice. how many fights?