Results from Arnolds?

Congrats to Kashk- Josh for getting 3rd Gi blue belt
Adults super heavy. Good job Bro.

Considering Josh has been injured, this is certainly impressive.

Congrats Josh!

ttt for fight descriptions

Hey Kashk,


Thanks guys. And I'd like to add that the guy I lost to was the better man.

Bonton 2 wants fight descriptions. Where is Scott Schilling when you need him?

Wagnney slammed everybody around. Almost all his points came of takedowns and throws.

his second round opponent was pretty tought, but I don't know his name, somebody told me he is an ATT guy.

Nick Castiglia 1st place Rima Haddad 2nd Place and Matt Hache 3rd place. all from Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa

Daniel Moraes is a 2003 Black Belt world champion, and the Brasilian ADCC qualifier champion.

Tim Dixon came third in the blue belt absolute division, lossing to a 200lb guy. Not bad for a 135lber. Dave Vogan came second in his division. Good job Boreland's Combat Team.


i meant descriptions of kashk's fights.



Great job everyone.

Hey Rima... congratulations! Nice to hear that your are still tearing
up the mats.


thanks mikey!


Congratulations to Rima.


Ronin MMA

I really don't remember my fights too well. In the first fight I was nearly triangled but passed into side control and north south. In the second match I got my guard passed, but not for points, then the guy eventually got the mount points. My division had 9 guys, and I was on the side of the bracket where I needed only one win to get Bronze.

Wagnney's fights were beyond description. Buy the videotape when it comes out.

congrats josh